Application Form – VacStuds Lite 2015

Please answer EVERY question using the boxes, or tick the box required. S’il vous plaît, répondez à TOUTES les questions. Bitte beantworten Sie ALLE Fragen. Rispondere, per piacere, a TUTTE le domande. Por favor, responda a TODAS las preguntas.

Alternatively, you can print a copy of the Application Form and fax it to us on +44 1635 523 999

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
1. I am applying to register my son/daughter for the 'VacStuds Lite' Course at The Mary Hare School and the dates I request (between 12 July and 9 August 2015) are:
If your chosen House is no longer available, another House will be allocated.
2. Student’s full name (as it should appear on our lists):
My child has attended Vacational Studies previously and all details are as per my previous application (Please check at least one) Yes

If “Yes” please go to section 20 (‘Options’) or simply fill in any details that may have changed.

Name we should call him/her:
3. Date of birth:
4. Gender: Male
5. Nationality:
6. Name and postal address of Parent or Guardian:
7. Address during period of Course, if different from above:
8. Name and address of relative or friend (not partner) who may act on my behalf if I cannot be contacted: (You must answer this section)
This person is a Relative
9. Religion:
If Catholic, is he/she obliged to attend Mass in England? Yes
10. What foreign languages (except English) does he/she understand?
11. Assessment of his/her knowledge of English: Good
12. Number of years studying English: (by July 2015)
NEW STUDENTS ONLY (Please send a letter of recommendation from the school on behaviour and attitude to study.) See Note 1 The letter of recommendation can be sent later.
13. Invoice us for: (£) Complete only if you need an Invoice to send pocket money to us.
for personal expenses (state the amount). (Personal expenses = pocket money + cost of theatre, if requested). Note: Personal expenses in £ Sterling can be sent bank-to-bank (preferred) or by cheque drawn on a UK bank in advance or be brought by the student. Personal expenses invoiced in € Euro or $ US Dollars can only be sent bank-to-bank. € euro and $ US Dollar transfers will be converted to £ Sterling before the Course begins.
14. Our acceptance is on the understanding that your child is in good physical and mental health and is able to function independently in a multinational community. Please disclose here any past/present health problems, allergies or behavioural factors of which we should be aware before acceptance:
In the case of food allergies, the student must come with a 1ml. Adrenalin (Epinephine) 1:1000 injection pen ­ an ‘EpiPen’. Students from EU and EEA countries should bring a EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) to ensure free NHS medical treatment for all conditions.
15. Please list current vaccinations:
16. Brief description of his/her character, if not already known by us:
17. Favourite activities and sports and/or other information that may help us:
I have access to the internet: Yes
18. Can he/she swim? Yes
19. Previous longest time away from home (in days):
20. Do you permit him/her to smoke at home? (please see 27) Yes

OPTIONS – will be added to during 2014 and 2015.  Tickets allocated to those who apply for the option first.

THEATRE: 'WAR HORSE' 23.07.15. New London Theatre 14.30 (best seats; very limited availability): £50.00 Yes
TRIP: 'THE HARRY POTTER EXPERIENCE' 17.07.15. Warner Bros Studios 11.00 (with 'from script to film' class; limited availability): £35.00 Yes
EXAMINATION: TRINITY EXAMINATION IN SPOKEN ENGLISH 07.08.15: £60 – £80 (depending on level.) Add to pocket money. We shall decide the level and make the appropriate deduction. Yes


* Our free service applies to flights arriving at Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 from 12.00-16.00 on 12 July and flights leaving Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 from 09.50-13.00 on 9 August. UM tickets after 12.00 are excluded. We shall request flight details after we have received Course Fees.
** For students arriving at or leaving from Heathrow outside our stated dates or times, or flying on a UM ticket after 13.00, or who need to be met at other Heathrow Terminals, or if arrival/departure is at any other airport. We shall request details later.


23. If this application is accepted, when I receive your Invoice, I shall SEND FULL PAYMENT OF COURSE FEES IN £ STERLING IMMEDIATELY
SEND 50% OF THE COURSE FEES IN £ STERLING IMMEDIATELY AND THE OTHER 50% IN £ STERLING BY 15 MAY 2015 (Option unavailable after 1 April 2015)
SEND FULL PAYMENT OF COURSE FEES IN € EURO IMMEDIATELY (at the £:€ exchange rate on the date the first Invoice is sent)
SEND 50% OF THE COURSE FEES IN € EURO IMMEDIATELY (at the £:€ exchange rate on the date the first Invoice is sent) AND THE OTHER 50% IN € EURO BY 15 MAY 2015 (at the £:€ exchange rate on the date the second Invoice is sent on 1 May 2015) (Option
SEND FULL PAYMENT OF COURSE FEES IN $ US DOLLARS IMMEDIATELY (at the £:$ exchange rate on the date the first Invoice is sent)
SEND 50% OF THE COURSE FEES IN $ US DOLLARS IMMEDIATELY (at the £:$ exchange rate on the date the first Invoice is sent) AND THE OTHER 50% IN $ US DOLLARS BY 15 MAY 2015 (at the £:$ exchange rate on the date the second Invoice is sent on 1 May 2015) (Op
24. T-shirt size (must be completed): S
25. I agree with the rules of the Course as set out in this web site and 'Notes' and accept that any breach of these will constitute a breach of contract.
26. I trust Vacational Studies to decide on the level of supervision required on trips and to permit visits and outings (if any) at its discretion.
27. I understand that smoking or possessing any smoking material is forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion and removal from the Course by me within 72 hours.
28. I understand that if for any reason not covered by our Insurance policy a student is withdrawn from the Course less than fifty days before it begins, or fails to attend the Course, or leaves before it ends, no refund of Fees will be given unless a suitable replacement student accepts the place.
29. I understand that if any Fees remain unpaid fifty days after the date of the Invoice (unless otherwise stated on the Invoice), and if any Fees remain unpaid fifty days before a Course begins, acceptance of the student will be withdrawn and the place will be considered to have been cancelled.
30. I understand that Insurance is only as described on the Insurance 2015 information sheet. I accept the terms and agree to be bound by the conditions of the Insurance cover. I declare that my child is in good mental and physical health.
31. I agree to my and my child's details being stored on Vacational Studies computer (they will not be passed on to any third-party) and accept that images of my child will appear on
32. I agree that my details may be disclosed to another parent for coinciding travel. I agree that my child's details may be disclosed to other students for contact purposes. (If you wish to delete either or both sentences, contact us first).
33. If neither the undersigned nor the person in section 8 can be reached in an emergency, I consent to medical treatment being authorised by Ian G. Mucklejohn of Vacational Studies.
34. I agree to return the completed and signed 'Agreement and Travel Details' form by 6 June 2015.
35. I understand that English Law applies to all aspect of Vacational Studies.
Office address:Vacational Studies, Pepys’ Oak, Tydehams, Newbury, BerkshireRG14 6JT, England. Telephone: (01635) 523 333 International: +44 1635 523 333 Fax: (01635) 523 999 International Fax: +44 1635 523 999
Bank address:National Westminster Bank, 30 Market Place, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 5AJ, England.
A letter of recommendation may not be required if such a request might conflict with the policy of the school or government. Please state possible conflict.

For payment of Course Fees and pocket money please see the Course Fees sheet:

if letter for visa is needed Yes

We will confirm by letter the details given. We suggest you print this form for your records before you press ‘submit’.